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In order to achieve the objectives and the results assumed by the non-reimbursable financing contract as well as to implement the project in a most efficient way and respecting the laws and regulations in force, it is necessary to volume prostate normal cm3 procurement services.

Their number is indicative, they may change as a result of changes in the activities included in the partner's activities package, legislative changes, changes to the program implementation manual, etc.

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The documents will be organized on separate dossiers for each individual purchase and there will be a separate file for the procurement program, commissions and other general documents related to the project acquisitions.

They will be taught on the basis of the receiving surrender report after completion of the acquisition.

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The contract validity period is throughout the implementation period of the ROHU53 project till Specialists involved in rendering the services must have English and computer skills to comply with the rules and standards required by applicable law, the rules of the funding program whose English language is the official language and the specific internal procedures to achieve the conditions for the project and to ensure that this partner's expenses are reimbursed in the project.

The renderer will be responsible for tracking the news, changes to the terms and conditions of the financing program in respect of purchases made by private beneficiaries, and if they occur it will notify the beneficiary in writing and adapt the working method accordingly.

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