Screening for prostate cancer ages

screening for prostate cancer ages

care este principiul tratării prostatitei tratamentul simptomelor prostatitei cu remedii populare

The latest news in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Introduction of prostatic specific antigen PSA as a method of screening, inchanged radically the epidemiology of CP by progressive increase in the number of cases of CP diagnosed in "early stages". Burghele", the incidence of CP compared to other cancers places it in second place after bladder cancer and before renal malignant tumors.

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The principal means of diagnosis of CP are: rectal examination, the level of prostatic specific antigen seric, transrectal echography and prostate biopsy. Introducerea antigenului prostatic specifi c P.

Burghele" incidenţa CP, comparativ cu alte localizări neoplazice urinare, îl plasează pe locul al doilea după cancerul vezicii urinare şi înaintea tumorilor renale maligne. Principalele mijloace de diagnostic ale CP sunt: tuşeul rectal, determinarea nivelului seric al antigenului specifi c prostatic, ecografi a transrectală şi puncţia prostatică multiplă, ecoghidată transrectal.

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